Cold Compression Therapy

Compression helps to eliminate swelling and can prevent it further by pushing fluid away from the affected area. The application of cold can prevent the swelling of soft tissue which decreases chances of more damage. Combined into cold compression therapy it can have wonderfully positive effects on injuries, including minimizing pain and preventing greater injury. Recovery+ is the name of the cold compression treatment system used by Dr. Collins after surgeries to promote speedier healing. Created by Pulsar Scientific, Recovery+ uses comfortable wraps with temperature and pressure settings customized to each patient. At Collins Orthopaedic, we offer cold compression therapy systems for our patients to take home. At our Lake Charles and Sulphur locations, we offer happy to know we offer our patients the Recovery+ by Pulsar Scientific.

How Does Cold help?

Cold decreases the likelihood of further pain and injury as well as possibly accelerating healing. When cold is applied to soft tissue it aids in reducing swelling which means the tissue is not pressing on the nerves and muscles around that tissue, reducing pain. The reduction of swelling also means the tender tissue is allowed to heal faster.

How Does Compression Help?

Compression pushes excess fluid away from the injury or surgical site, which further allows for reduced swelling. Recovery+ offers compressions comprised of 100% latex-free material in case any patients have an allergy to that material.

Cold + Compression = Recovery+

By combining the two applications into this state-of-the-art system it allows the patient to wear something that is comfortable with adjustable temperature and pressure settings from the ease of their own home. Recovering at home is a plus all on its own and with the Recovery+ system by Pulsar Scientific, it brings science and comfort together. Ask the staff of Collins Orthopaedic how you can rent one today.