Workers’ Compensation

Our innovative surgeries were developed to help high-level athletes get back to peak performance in as little time as possible. Dr. Collins offers the same level of care to injured workers as they do professional athletes. Dr. Collins is trained and experienced in treating all types of workers’ compensation injuries—helping employees get back to work faster. We use minimally-invasive surgeries and comprehensive physical therapy to ensure that our patients are not only healing fully, but healing quickly. Don’t let injuries keep you from working. Let our orthopedic specialists at one of our many locations help you return to form. Make an Appointment If you have an injury, request an appointment as soon as possible after you have cleared it with your workman’s comp carrier. Please make sure to have your employer information, workers’ compensation insurance carrier information including your claim number, date of injury, and adjuster information ready to provide to our representative. Once you are registered in our system, please allow time for our office to obtain authorization along with your medical records prior to being scheduled. If you already have records and/or an authorization, you can help expedite the process by faxing them to (337) 905-7101 or emailing To make an appointment by phone, please call (337) 905-7100, and let us know that you have a worker’s compensation injury. We’ll help you heal safely and effectively.