Arthroscopic Shoulder Reconstruction


How long will I be in a sling after surgery?
You will be in a sling for 8 weeks after surgery. The first 4 weeks will be a shoulder immobilizer restricting all shoulder motion. The following 4 weeks you will just be in a sling, which will allow for some restricted shoulder motion.

How much physical therapy will be required after surgery?
You can expect to initiate a range of motion program with physical therapy 1 month after surgery. You will typically begin working on a strengthening program 2 months after surgery. Most patients will require 2-3 months of formal physical therapy following a shoulder reconstruction.

When can I drive after surgery?
You will be cleared to drive once you discontinue use of a sling at 8 weeks from surgery.

When can I return to work after surgery?
This will be completely determined by the type of work that you do. If your job is office work, consisting of sedentary work, then you could possibly be cleared to return to work as soon as 1 week postoperatively. If your job consists of heavy manual labor, especially climbing or overhead lifting, then it would likely be 3-4 months before you are ready to return to work. This would also be dictated by the speed at which you recover.